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Commonly called "Mirena"®, this is a contraceptive device that is placed into the uterus. It was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration in 2000. It is quite small (about 1 1/4" tall and wide), made of plastic, and shaped like the letter "T". Inside, it contains a synthetic female hormone, levonorgestrel, which is released slowly into the uterus (womb), helping to prevent pregnancy. This hormone acts like the natural hormone progesterone and is often used in implants and oral contraceptive pills.

The levonorgestrel IUD has been available in Europe for more than 17 years. It is available in more than 50 countries. Almost 2 million women have used this intrauterine contraceptive. For more information about the Mirena go to:

How does the Levonorgestrel IUD work?

Scientists believe that intrauterine contraceptives work in many ways, all of which are not fully understood. It works mainly by interfering with the fertilization of the egg; by preventing ovulation; and by making cervical mucus a thicker barrier for sperm to go through.

What are the advantages of Mirena®?

Mirena® is safe, effective, and easy to use. It is also less expensive over time than most forms of contraception. You don't need to remember to use it because it's always working, and you will have less menstrual flow and cramping. The Mirena® provides long-term effective birth control for 7 years, and it can be taken out at any time.

What are the side effects of the Mirena®?

Mirena® can cause severe cramping and unusual vaginal bleeding. Because Mirena® is an IUD, it also has all of the general side effects of IUDs, such as uterine perforation, a higher risk of infection immediately after insertion, and the risk of the IUD expelling. For a full list of the general IUD side effects, click here.

How much does the Mirena® cost?

If you come to Aurora Medical Services, the Mirena® device plus insertion will cost $601, without insurance. With insurance, the price will vary. The Mirena® is expensive, but once inserted, for the next seven years, it's cost-free. Mirena® removal will cost $103 and is not always covered by insurance, even when the insertion was covered.

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