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Dear Patients,

Effective April 1, 2014, Aurora Medical Services (AMS) became the Seattle office of Cedar River Clinics (CRC).

Link to Cedar River Clinics

Cedar River Clinics is a Washington state non-profit organization with locations in Renton and Tacoma. We are joining them as they open a clinic in Seattle. I will be working for CRC and thus will continue to offer a full range of reproductive health care, including abortions, annual exams, birth control management, STD screening and treatment, and insemination services.

Since buying AMS in 2000 it has been an honor and a privilege to work in partnership with you to help you achieve your reproductive health goals.  I want you to know that while ownership has changed you can still expect to receive the same individualized, quality care you have come to expect from me, because like Aurora, Cedar River Clinics is also known for providing excellent health care and treating patients with compassion and respect.

You can still schedule appointments with me. In addition you will have access to some wonderful new providers.

Our phones will be answered by Cedar River Clinics beginning June 1 and appointments will continue at this location through the end of June.

Another big change is that we will be moving to a new downtown location in July. Well notify you of our address change soon.

Please be assured that Cedar River Clinics, like AMS, is committed to providing outstanding care and service. I look forward to a continued partnership with you.


Deborah Oyer, MD
Deborah Oyer, MD, Aurora's Medical Director

If you are experiencing a medical emergency CALL 911.

If you feel you are in need of urgent care that cannot wait for regular office hours, call 1-800-726-5472 for our 24 hour answering service.

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